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Research Sources For Astrology

Dr. Helena Avelar de Carvalho – Traditionelle Astrologie

In Memoriam Helena Avelar – 1964 – 2021 –

Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum – CCAG –

Dr. Helena Avelar de Carvalho

1992 – 1999 – 2001 – 2004 – 2007 – 2008/2009 – MA 2011 – PhD 29.11.2018


Gespräch aufgezeichnet am Samstag – 14. November 2020 – Hannover – 12/oo Uhr Ortszeit –


Rumble –

Academy of Traditional Astrology

The Academy derives from the natural development of the Escola de Astrologia Integrada (School of Integrated Astrology), founded in 1999 by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro. – From 2004 on of the School expanded its goals, turning into a centre of research of the astrological tradition, and it was renamed Academy of Astrological Studies. While maintaining its goals, standards and purposes, it expanded to accommodate the academic dimension. – Tradition of Sue Ward – and John Frawley

On the Heavenly Spheres

Traditional Astrology Course – Essential Concepts & Interpretation Basics

Facebook Academy of Astrological Studies is devoted to the in-depth and rigorous study of Astrology. Its objective is to prepare future astrologers and contribute to the development of astrological knowledge.

Astra Project

An international and multidisciplinary project for the study of the history of western astrological doctrines, techniques, and practices from antiquity to the early modern periodhttps://theastraproject.org – Astra is an international, multidisciplinary academic project for the study of the history of western astrological doctrines, techniques, and practices from antiquity to the early modern period. The project is housed in CIUHCT (Interuniversitary Centre for the History of Science and Technology), University of Lisbon, and its developed in partnership with The Warburg Institute, University of London. The main focus is on the History of Astrology, specifically astrological techniques, and it is open to collaboration with related areas, such as the history of astronomy, medicine, magic, geography, and philosophy. The goal is the study of the history of astrological practices in western culture, by a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the main texts and textual traditions. This entails the study of traditions, concepts, techniques and practices from many perspectives such as historical, mathematical and linguistic.

Astra on Youtube

„The Making of an Astrologer in Fifteenth-century France. The Notebooks of S. Belle: Lisbon, MS 1711 and Paris, NAL 398“ – 29.11. 2018 – Interuniversity Center of History of Science and Technology –

Warburg Institute Charles Burnett

Internationales Kolleg für Geisteswissenschaftliche Forschung (IKGF)

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in Berlinhttps://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de

IEM-Institute of Medieval Studies

Helena Avelar de Carvalho holds a PhD on Combined Astrological Studies from the Warburg Institute, University of London and an MA in Medieval History from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Nova University of Lisbon. She is a member of the CIUHCT-Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia, and also the IEM-Institute of Medieval Studies. Her research focuses on medieval science and culture, with a special interest in premodern astrological practices.

European Conference on Astrology in Varna, Bulgaria

The Oraculos Podcast

Luis Ribeiro on History vs. Practice in Traditional Astrology

Ergänzende Literatur

Robert Hand – Traditionelle Astrologie – Ganzzeichenhäuser – Tag- und Nachthoroskope – Astrologie?

Chris Brennan – Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune –ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=chris.+brennan&qid=1605344998&sr=8-1

Demetra George – Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume I: Assessing Planetary Condition –ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Demetra+George&qid=1605345053&sr=8-1

Matthias Heiduk, Klaus Herbers,  und Hans-Christian LehnerDe Gruyter  |  2021Prognostication in the Medieval World – A Handbook


Zodiacal Releasing Calculator
Time-Lord (Chronocrator) Periods

Prof. Dr. Charles Burnett

The Great Introduction to Astrology by Abū Maʿsar



Planets, Stars, and Orbs – The Medieval Cosmos – 1200–1687*&IKT3=8183&ACT=SRCHA&IKT=1016&SRT=YOP&TRM=Planets%2C+Stars%2C+and+Orbs%3A+The+Medieval+Cosmos%2C+1200–1687+&TRM3=


The Great Introduction to Astrology by Abū Maʿsar,Keiji

Abu Ma’Sar on Historical Astrology

Prof. Dr. Günther Oestmann

Johann Wilhelm Pfaff’s „Astrologie“ (1816)

Dekane und Dekansternbilder – Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Sternbilder Der Kulturvölker


Dr. Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum




John Frawley – –

Demetra George

Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques – Filmliste

Dr. Benjamin Dykes



James H. Holden – Ancient House Division

‘Good Daimon’ and ‘Bad Daimon’ in Astrology – Prof. Obert

Talk am 23. Februar 2021 – 17/30 Uhr – 30173 Hannover – Germany / Minneapolis – Minnesota – Prof. Charles Obert – The Daimon and The Lot of Spirit in Astrology.


Mit Uranus bis Pluto

Placidus mit Kepleraspekten


Astrological Complexity

Prof. Charles Obert – The Lots of Fortune and Spirit – An Exploratory Study –

Calculating the Lots of Fortune and Daemon in
Hellenistic Astrology

Robert Schmidt – The Astrological Record of the Early Sages

Filmlisten –

Filmliste Dykes –

Filmliste Obert –

Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum – The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology – Origins and Influence – Ancient Magic and Divination –

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Campion

Prof. Charles Obert

The Myth of Plato

Socrates and His Daemon

Socrates and Hitler – Good and Evil Daemons

Prof. Obert – The false Uranus –

Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum and Alexander Jones – An elaborate horoscope for 319 CE and its significance for Greek astronomical and astrological practice –


Hellenistic Astronomy – The Science in Its Contexts –

From MāshāAllāh to Kepler

Unveiling the Hidden – Anticipating the Future – Divinatory Practices Among Jews Between Qumran and the Modern Period (Prognostication in History, Band 5) 

Brill – Astrology

The lots of Vettius Valens in Medieval Astrology and the consequences for 21st century Astrology – Anthologies Book IV – 25 ff. – –

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Dykes – Abū Ma’shar’s famous Great Introduction to traditional astrology


Martien Hermes – Die Lebenslinie im Horoskop –

Robert Zoller – Die Arabischen Punkte im Horoskop –

Karl Brandler – Pracht – Die Sensitiven Punkte in der Astrologie –

Renzo Baldini – Die arabischen Punkte

Bernadette Vianden – Die Sensitiven Punkte im Horoskop

Bernadette Vianden – Weitere Sensitive Punkte im Horoskop

Bruno Mahl – Die verborgene Macht der arabischen Punkte im Horoskop –

Robert Zoller – The Arabic Parts in Astrology: A Lost Key to Prediction –

Demetra George – Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume I: Assessing Planetary ConditionChapter 33

Chris Brennan – Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune – Chapter 16

Helena Avelar & Luis Ribeiro

On the Heavenly Spheres -Chapter XIII

Traditional Astrology Course: Essential Concepts & Interpretation Basics Seiten 245 ff


Das Höhlengleichnis –


Der Mythos von Er

am Ende von der Staat –,Republik%20(10%2C614%20bis%2010%2C621).&text=Das%20Wort%20wird%20am%20Ende,von%20Lethe%20nicht%20getrunken%20hat.

Apologia –

Plato and Reincarnation

Arthur M. Melzer – Philosophy Between the Lines – The Lost History of Esoteric WritingÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Philosophy+between+the+lines+%3A+the+lost+history+of+esoteric+writing&qid=1613978041&sr=8-1

Suanne Denningmann – Die astrologische Lehre der Doryphorie – Eine soziomorphe Metapher in der antiken PlanetenastrologieÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Die+astrologische+Lehre+der+Doryphorie+Denningmann%2C+Susanne&qid=1613978260&sr=8-1

The Astrological Autobiography of a Medieval Philosopher – Henry Bate’s Nativitas (1280-81) (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Series I, Band 17)ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=The+astrological+autobiography+of+a+medieval+philosopher%3A+Henry&qid=1614086021&sr=8-1


The Astrology of Vettius Valens

Blütensträusse (Anthologiai)

Vettius Valens. Ins Dt. übers. von Otto Schönberger und Eberhard Knobloch. Mit einem Nachw. von Eberhard Knobloch – St. Katharinen : Scripta Mercaturae Verl. 2004 –*&IKT3=8183&ACT=SRCHA&IKT=1016&SRT=YOP&TRM=Bluetenstraeusse&TRM3=

Anthologiai – Ursprünglich vermögend – Bekenntnis zum Stoizismus – Er sei dem Gesetz des Schicksals gefolgt – ho tes heimarmenes nomos – Astrologie als göttlichste Wissenschaft -theiotate episteme – Astrologie als Himmelswissenschaft – ourania theoria – schreibt mit Absicht geheimnisvoll -mystikos – Die Nativität vom 8. Februar 120 n. Chr. – bei Pingree Nr. 83 -Leipzig 1986 – hält Pingree für die Geburtsnativität von Vettius Valens – Der göttliche Beschluß, daß die Menschen ihr eigenes Los vorausehen können, hat die Wissenschaft der Astrologie hervorgebracht. Das Vorauswissen hilft, sich besser mit dem eintretenden Schicksal abzufinden (V,2), zumal die Menschen immer gute Tage nicht ertragen können. Nachdrücklich wendet er sich gegen die Selbstbestimmtheit des Menschen. Alles hängt von der Sternenwirkung ab (IX,12). – Valens verwendet die ägyptischen Monatsnamen.  

Prof. Mark Riley – A Survey of Vettius Valens

Übersetzung der Anthologie

Joanna Komorowska. Vettius Valens of Antioch – An Intellectual Monography. Ksiegarnia Akademicka, 2004 – 479 Seiten – Suchbegriff im GVK – „Joanna Komorowska. Vettius Valens of Antioch

Philosophy amongst Astrologers


Tania Daniels – Die Würdentafel von Ptolemäus unter der Lupe 1.Teil: Domizil, Erhöhung, Fall und Exilürdentafel_von_Ptolemäus_unter_der_Lupe_1_Teil_Domizil_Erhöhung_Fall_und_Exil

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology Questions with Lee Lehman

With Whole Sign Houses

Recognizing applying and separating aspects

Filmliste Horary Astrology

Medical Astrology With Lee Lehman

Benjamin Bernstein interviewed Lee Lehman on the technique of lifetime solar returns  – interview starts at 23:20. ––3-1-15.mp3?c_id=8441233&cs_id=8441233&expiration=1615742931&hwt=f4db26053fdc965bf279e22c93fb495f

Astrological Magic

12:30 Central Time = 7:30 pm CEDT (19/30 Uhr MET) on Monday March 29th – 2021 – Talk with Christopher Warnock – An der Bismrckschule 16 – 30173 Hannover – Germany – and Iowa City – Iowa – 532 Center Street

Astrological Magic – Resources for Authentic Medieval & Renaissance
Magic of the Stars & Planets


The Picatrix – A Grimoire of Astrological Magic

The Relationship Between Astrology and Magic

Chris Warnock – The Picatrix – A Grimoire of Astrological Magic –

Emil Stejnar – Magie mit Astrologie – Astrologie – der genetische Code von Geist und Seele

Lon Milo DuQuette – My Life with the Spirits: The Adventures of a Modern Magician  –

Dr. Bejamin N. Dykes – Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations

Filmliste Magic

Queen Buran, Astrologer in 9th Century Baghdad